Darksiders lead says goodbye to the franchise

The future of the Darksiders franchise looks to be finished, at least for now, as confirmed by Darksiders 1& 2 lead designer, Haydn Dalton.

Rovio's creative director Patrick Liu tweeted his disappointment in the lack of a purchase after the IP and its developer Vigil Games failed to be sold during THQ's assets auction sale last week: "No more Darksiders! :( Whyyyyy Crytek..."

In response, Haydn Dalton tweeted: "Tis true Pat…sometimes good things come to an end. That's why you've gotta enjoy them while you can."

The Darksiders franchise was one of the remaining properties of the recently dismantled THQ left in limbo after failing to be sold off during THQ assets auction.

While many of Vigil Games staff members were picked up by Crytek, speculation about a third entry has effectively ceased after Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli clarified that Darksiders 3 "doesn't fit with [the company's] strategy" and that he "didn't want to continue with Darksiders III".

Do you still wish to see a third entry in the Darksiders franchise?

By Nathan Misa


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xxLCr0wxx K:6495 09/02/2013
that a shame i was injoying DS3
was hoping for the next one
some time around next year or the
year after
Olly K:34243 09/02/2013
The original Darksiders was great, number 2 not so much. Can't really say i'm bothered about this news to be honest.
marvelxmen K:2227 09/02/2013
I'm saddened by this I loved the style Nd story. It had a well thought out world.
barters81 K:8615 10/02/2013
Yeah good game, life goes on.
punk K:13613 10/02/2013
shame the same can't happen to COD [Shifty]


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